5 Ways to Give Your Children A Better Life

5 Ways to Give Your Children a Better Life
Research clearly shows that happy, optimistic children are the product of happy, optimistic homes, regardless of genetic makeup. What can you do to create a home where your child's happiness will flourish? Read on for five ways to give your child a better life.

In this post I’m sharing with you how I raised my boys.

The first and most important thing I wanted to instill into my children was Christian values. I wanted them to learn to love, be loved, not to think they were better than others, God would protect them, forgiveness, the courage to deny temptation when necessary, honesty, integrity, compassion, self-control, and respect. In my opinion, this was my greatest job as their mother to give them a better life.

I wanted to spend time with my boys doing things they enjoyed doing. I learned that boys bond with their mother while doing “boy” activities (and girls the same). I would throw the football with them, ride motocross bikes with them even getting muddy a few times, attempted to play video games with them which gave us many great laughs because of my lack of skill in this area. I have great memories of our fun times together doing their activities. I remember going on a youth mission trip a few years back as a chaperone. One night the girls gathered in one of the bedrooms and were listening to music. I walked in to “hang out” with them and we started doing a popular dance. The girls were amazed I knew the words to the song and even more amazed I knew the dance. This was something I would do with my youngest son on a regular basis so it was normal activity for me. A few girls said “Mrs. Rhonda you are so cool, I wish my mom would spend time with me like this.” My heart broke for these girls whose mothers can’t find time to do “girl” things with their daughters. Don’t let this be you! Doing things your child likes to do is another important factor required for them to have a better life.
There were times I was a single mom living on one income. That didn’t stop us from doing things we enjoyed. We simply made adjustments in the way we did things and it all worked out. Some things we did were; when eating out we would eat lunch instead of dinner as the prices are lower, we would order water instead of a $2.99 drink for each of us, we’d get free vacations by visiting a 90 minute time share presentation, play sports in the yard together as mentioned above, and visit yard sales to name a few. They learned to enjoy life even if there wasn’t much money.
Teaching my children they are responsible for their own actions and I wouldn’t be there to bail them out was another factor in giving them a better life. When children grow up getting everything they want and getting bailed out of trouble they get themselves into keeps them from experiencing anger, sadness, frustration, and responsibility. Allowing children to experience these emotions and responsibility for their own actions gives them the capability of making good choices in their adult lives.
Encourage and praise your children to succeed. I’ve always taught my children they can be anything they want to be and I said that with all sincerity. Telling them they are worthless and they can’t do anything right will raise exactly that. The confidence and self-esteem they have should be built to greatness from their home. You can teach them how important education and good grades are but if they lack confidence and self-esteem, that education and straight A’s won’t get them very far. When they don’t achieve things the way you expect them to, praise them for their effort and use that time to parent them to get better results. It is OK to make mistakes and learn from them.
Our jobs as parents is to raise our children with integrity, connect with them on their level, educate them money doesn’t buy happiness, teach them to be responsible, build their confidence and self-esteem, and give them a safe haven that is called home where they learn about love, peace, gratitude, joy, and happiness.

Rhonda Neely


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